Creating ur own 4g proxy, all proxies app work?

Hello guys , I be been watching tutorial threads on here how to create your own 4g proxies , using ur mobile phones data internet . Some guys on the thread said he runs 100 accs from a single connection (IP changes each 300 seconds)
How did this work for you ?
I want first of all use my mobile phone internet on my PC the easy way (without IP rotation) any easy tutorial on this ?

There is also an app called all proxies (the owner here) it says u can turn ur phone into proxy with the help of that . how does it work for u as 4g proxy ? Thanks


Running 100 accs in 1 dongle it’s quite hard. It’s more about 10-20 accounts. It’s easy with shifting. Depending on your country, not even shifting is needed

Just divide the day in for instance 4 periods.

1st period: 5 accs running
2nd period: 5 accs running
3rd period: 5 accs running
4rd period: 5 accs running

In total, 20 accs in 1 day per dongle :slight_smile:


Thank u David
Did u find a way to increase the IPs by using multiple dongles/mobile phones after all .?

100 accs I don’t think is possible. 15-30 yes with very good timings as @D-Avid said

Thank u , the thing which interests me is scaling the IPS in this method , still no solution

I am very interested in this method, I would like someone to share their knowledge to achieve it, I would appreciate it.