Creative Studio Leads Generation

Hi all :handshake: ,

Long story short… we were contacted for a recently created Creative Studio built by a group of professionals and experts that worked until the end of 2020 in Top 10 Fortune 500 companies.
They work mainly in Web and iOS app development but they have extended their services to Digital Marketing as well, as a matter of fact, these guys are gurus! they master so many disciplines that some of them are references in their fields. And as good professionals, they have a clear understanding of their weaknesses, in this case, Lead Generation…they never had the need as they always worked for those giants.

Do you know a service provider or tool to help them get the leads? :spider_web:
They are building now their social media channels and main website.

I didn’t tell them but I felt sad for them :frowning_face: as they worked hard for so many years and created amazing products, that many of us use every day…but they cannot get any credit that’s why so far they are getting jobs thanks to referrals from family, friends and formers colleagues only.

Note: They don’t want to get any kind of job from any corporation or big business, I can understand that.

Thanks guys any help will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile: