Creator accounts -- with stats. Loss ER? nope

May 4th I swapped over 11 of my accounts to creator accounts. here are 6 of the pages stats.

Not ONE lost ER. They actually gained or stayed the same. The other 5 about the same.


Maybe Instagram added some new parameters if a creator account gains or looses engagement through switching to it. Because there are different experiences with creator ones. But we have give it some time. Thats just the start of it and very few people did that here with not that much posts so far. We will see what it brings in the future.

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I doubt it. Never know could be. 11 swapped over all better as far as stats all around. I doubt I am unique sure others also positive results too. I just don’t get how these types of accounts would lose ER? I have 3 more started 2 weeks ago, they are also gained


I decided to make the switch today. Fingers crossed engagement stays the same or even gets better now!


Instagram supports unique content and with testing hiding likes they also want to push more people posting “authentic” stuff. Because of that I also think creator accounts, as they name says it clearly, should go higher in engagement or at least should stay the same.

We discussed a bit in a similar thread, also on creator accounts.

I already wrote there that I assume it is a testing phase. Creator Accounts is a pretty new feature and with hiding likes could be possibly a part of a major change on the platform. Maybe even the direction the platform has now, will change. It could be that the AI of Instagram is just collecting data in the beginning and after that the algorythm will be adjusted based on this data.

This is just an assumption but that could be a possible explanation for the different results people are getting at the moment.


Business accounts was noticeable the second day and I had steep drops. So I put into private for 6 days then public They picked back up. I won’t swap to one anymore - business that is. Creator accounts nothing like that happened and I doubt it will. I switched for insights … No other reason

Fyi. Those red drops are because of shout outs to one of my other accounts

thanks for sharing this, maybe they are still working out the kinks, makes sense that they would incentivise switching over

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Do you automate these accounts?

not anymore on all