Creator Studio for FB\Insta

We have been looking at using creator studio to schedule FB and insta posts for the agency.

All stuff out there says it now supports instagram as of last month. Upon trying it we still can’t schedule insta posts.

Is it a staggered rollout or something?

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I believe the rollout is staggered, do you have an ad manager for facebook? you could ask them directly.

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No. would love an Ad manager, How do we get one? I’m guessing we don’t spend enough per month of something. We spend a couple of thousand per month most months.

Do you know what spend need to be to get one?

I’m not sure the exact figure, but your budget is not low. Maybe you should try to contact them through the ad manager interface.

Hey all, I had this problem too. When my I took my laptop to work on a different IP address, the Create Post button magically appeared. Try it and let me know if it works.


Can you schedule posts from several Instagram accounts on 1 Account/Facebook Creator Studio?

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Yes you can. You can add multiple IG account to one Facebook profile

to a personal profile yes – not to a page profile. Personal profiles cannot use creator only pages can

yeah i schedule post for 50 accounts in the same Creator Studio. (Need IG Business Profile)

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The create button appeared to me suddenly after some months.

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Do you schedule post for 50 account in the same laptop with the same IP?
Is it safe?