CSV file for bulk scheduling INSTAGRAM

Hi guys!!!

I’m looking for a csv file example for bulk scheduling on instagram, could anyone here help me please??

Thanks as always!!! :slight_smile:

do you mean scheduling posts for campaigns? can you share more details about what you are trying to accomplish?

Of course Luca!, Yes I meant scheduling post for campaigns. I would like to upload the post directly with the pic, the quote, the hashtags, the location, etc. through an excel file. Is this posible? For example, I use excel sheets for connecting directly a big number of scrapers but this is different. Thank you again.

You can go to What to publish tab, create a post that you would like to publish to Instagram. Add a picture, caption, and hashtag in Add Posts tab, click Add to Post List. Then go to the Posts List tab > show advanced view > export posts as CSV file. Use the exported CSV for your import file.

As for the location, you can go to Campaign Overview > advanced settings > instagram, check “post using geo location”. If you have that option checked, all your posts will be published using the same location. If you want each post to have different locations, you need to go to Posts List tab, click Edit next to the post > Instagram advanced options > post using geo location, add the location for the post.

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