Curated social offers shoutouts with the kardashian family members?

Did you guys see this curated social agency from The US doing SHOUTOUTS using the kardashians family? Apparently winners in the end also win cash prizes! I mean what on earth is that? Isn’t it stupid this way because pages will have to pay I believe crazy amount of money to enter the shoutout and the followers gained will only be interested in winning the money, not actually interested in the page they followed . What do you guys think?

Funny thing is the fee to join those giveaways is $20k probably. We’ve been doing niche specific giveaways, with relevant prizes and it’s working great. The audience is of a much higher quality and way more engaged. Most of those accounts that have bought in the Kardashian giveaways have killed their engagement.

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Are you talking about giveaway loops?

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i think so yeah! at least looks like they also have giveaway loops! but also other giveaway strategies i assume ! i tired to subscribe to their email and submit a form to get to know more abut they giveaways but they never answered my email! dont even know the price!

yeah probably crazy buy ins prices ! even though they advertise low buy ins price for the next 5 customers lol!