Custom Audience based on Emails

Hey guys!

I’m not really new here, but I never worked seriously on TikTok marketing before.

One of my clients has an email database of 50K clients or so. I want to do what we do all the time for Facebook Ads: Upload these emails to TikTok as an audience, create a lookalike based on that and target these guys with Ads.

I thought I know how to Google things but I can’t find a clear process to do that.

Can a TikTok ninja here point me in the right direction?

PS: And stop laughing because it’s a 100% noob question, please :joy:


it’s all there !

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Thank you @jeffsilva. I read that one but don’t understand the structure of the CSV.
I even tried to upload a CSV with only one column for the emails but it doesn’t take it.

I search on Google and in their Help if I could find a template (like the one you can download from the business manager in FB) but I found nothing.