Custom hashtag mistreatment

Ok…I have a question that hopefully someone can answer…

What are the rules and regulations for a post to get in the top posts of a certain hashtag?

I’m my case, I created a branded hashtag with most of my content on it. There are a few posts that arent mine but are related to me inside. But each time I check the hashtag, the posts that arent mine are almost always at the top.

Usually this means that the posts at the top were chosen to be there because of higher engagement rates (eg: more comments, saves and shares) from the other posts located in the hashtag.

In my situation, this is NOT the case.

Attached are screenshots of what I see when I search the hashtag( the circled posts are not mine) vs. What I should be seeing.

Also, I am aware that everyone’s accounts are different and everyone sees different things when searching a specific hashtag. I have 5 accounts and the results are the same for each account except for one.

The hashtag in question is: # ironinfiniti

Please, can someone help me???