Daily action limits for Tiktok?

Anybody has any experience with this? Like when do they start blocking you and how are the blocks like on Tiktok?


Anybody know about this? I am curious as well :kissing:

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I don’t know actual limits still but I have done more than 300 following per day with hourly 30 to 40. But don’t follow more than 15 per operation if you will do that you will get error “You are following too fast”. And keep 15 to 20 minutes delay for each operation. And of course take 5 to 10 seconds delay for each action it’s most important.

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What do you mean by operation?

I mean follow 10 to 15 people with 5 to 10 seconds delay for each follow. Then rest for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat again. Don’t follow more than 15 people per operation means just follow 10 to 15 people every 20 minutes that’s it.

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Where are you doing the tiktok automation? In the software of this forum?

hes doing it manually he told me

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Done it manually with different amount of actions and delays for just finding limits.

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Apparently I can only follow 10k people on TikTok at once…

Anyone know how to find out how long before you can add people again once this message comes up?