Daily comment and DM limits?

I run a social media agency and I’ve been growing my business account as well as my client’s accounts with the follow/unfollow method, mass liking pictures on profiles that post In hashtags like #smallbusinessowner because most people that post using that hashtag are business owners themselves, along with a ton of engagement groups. So I had an idea to promote my services to those small business owners through leaving comments and sending out DMs but I don’t know the limits these days?

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May i know which proxy are using ?

I would suggest you start with 30 comments/day and 20 DMs/day. Don’t forget to use complex spin syntax in your Comment text and Message Text.

I’ve actually been looking for a good proxy provider, I was using SSLPrivateProxy but that was a while ago damn I’m getting old.

Thanks! Can I scale that up at all? Because I’ve had the account for over 2 years now, I’m almost at 6k followers and that’s all from following/unfollowing/liking/engagement groups/good use of hashtags.So it’s not like I’m starting automation on an account that hasn’t been warmed up. So from knowing that how fast could I scale those numbers and what should be my limit?

well, i don’t think you can scale on a higher level, IG has changed a lot, so you can take your account to 40-50 comments, and 35 Dm if you are lucky but i don’t think you can do higher than that without getting blocked.