Daily poster Required

I have MP and it is piece of work
but I need some one to work on posting to 500 groups
one post per day or every 2 days
I will provide accounts, proxies and MP account
Do you know how to find someone to handle it?

My advice is to learn it yourself, it’s not that hard and after you go through the initial setup it will just a couple of minutes to do it by yourself.

If you still want this done by someone else, maybe someone on the forum will offer to help you with it. Just a heads up, we vouch for no one and it’s up to the two of you what you do :slight_smile:

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How many accounts do you have?

6 accounts but I can buy more if wanteed

I know it is easy but I prefer to outsource because it needs consistency and daily work

The thing is if you wanted to post to 500 groups a day… a safe way to do it is to post no more then 20 groups per day per account… so for something like that you would need 25 accounts