Dangers of running 1 account solo on VPS?

Is it possible to run 1 account on a VPS via Jarvee? I have a Mac and I’ve read that you don’t really need proxies for 1-2 accounts but after a few accounts proxies are a must.

What are the dangers, if any of running just 1 account for growth on a VPS? VPS is located in same country as the account holder.

Really no proxies needed for 1 account only. If your VPS service isn’t overcrowded and their DC IPs haven’t been abused earlier by others, you are good to go.
The thing with using VPS IP addresses is, if some other client before your time have spammed instagram with the IPs comming from that VPS service, instagram can flag an entire IP range coming from that VPS service.
But just to make sure, sign up for a month to begin with. Setup your automation tool. Run and if everything is fine, you can continue your supscription


Perfect. Thanks!

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You may try to ask your VPS provider for a virgin IP address, I think they will give you one with no issue!! Good luck


For one account, do not even buy a proxy: D
Up to 2 :slight_smile:
From 3 I would already buy.

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Nope, you don’t need proxies to run only 1 account. Although, be careful when running accounts on the VPS without any proxies, as the IP of the VPS might be flagged by IG.

You don’t need use proxy for that.
Or maybe you can use apps from your phone for that.