Data scraped from TikTok

Has anyone tried scraping TikTok data? I am very interested!

What kind of data? I know you can get videos, followers, followings, keyword searches but I think you can’t get likers and commenters. Not 100% sure though.

Which data do you need exactly?

Basically anything you can find when you open a profile in the browser. Username,bio,social media links, followers, followings and possibly average likes on videos. I don’t know if TikTok keeps contact data like email or phone number?

Yes scraping tiktok is not hard and barely as limited as it is with instagram, you can even do it with logged out session except for the comments .

It’s also possible to scrape emails as long as the users have it in their bios .

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Do you have any data scraped from TikTok?

there is a script that can scrape some data but i haven’t personally tried it and dont think it works 100% as it seems a bit buggy

Can you share the script with me? Would be much appreciated!

were you able to find such script?

Nope. I am thinking of hiring a developer to do it.

Yes, is quite easy to scrape anything that is publicly available.
If you need anything you can contact me

Data Miner is great for scraping social media accounts.