Datacenter IPv4 for Twitter?

Hi all,

Looking to get into Twitter automation and wanted to ask if using datacenter ipv4 to run accounts was still possible?
I just see so many 4g proxy providers out there that I’m not sure whether cheaper datacenter ipv4s are still useful in this case.

Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If you do any type of automation you need really good proxies. Not the ones you can find in stores, it over used and low quality. You need to find a really good seller how make their own proxies.

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Go it, thanks :slight_smile:

You can use Datacenter for Twitter. Not a problem at all.
Using aggressive settings like following 200 a day with DC ip might lead you for a quick ban. but still, accounts can be managed with DC proxies.

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Got it, thanks! Yeah, I wasn’t planning on doing 200 follows/day. My goal was about 10 follows/day and a handful of favorites, retweets and posts.

Yes, that should work just fine. If using Jarvee, start with default settings and limits or start even slower for better safety.

Thanks! And how about rotating residential proxies?

I manage accounts with proxies from instaproxies, cheap and still good. 1 proxy per 1 or 2 accs, 40-60 follows /day, 5 days per week. DMs for new followers 5-20/ day, unfollow 50-70 /day 6 days/ week. but not The same time with follow. 2 retweets/ day but you can go higher. And for verification You need Sim cards. I am using with 0 euro, available for 1 year, $0.50 /1 pc in my country, Romania. But I think you can find with 0 credit in any other country. You can receive sms and call. Good luck!

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I wouldn’t recommend using data center for your main Twitter accounts, there is no need to endanger them, try with 4g and you should be fine, if you still doubt that get one or 2 DC proxies then test and see how it goes.

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Of course, why not.

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Thanks, that was my main train of thought, but then again, perhaps using DC for child accounts wouldn’t matter. I’ll probably test both although I’m leaning more towards 4G rn.

yes 4G will be the better choice, they are more trusted by all social networks and they work great but as you said testing is the best choice.

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