"DC proxy over mobile network"

Anyone heard of a datacenter proxy over a mobile network? Sounds very confusing to me haha, my provider has some subnets with such proxies, but not sure at all what that means lol…

From what you have said that sounds like he has bought some ip ranges from the same ASN as mobile network, although thats never going to be a real mobile IPs because they arent being used by real mobile users. Theres one more option but thats just so unlikely to happen that im not even going to discuss it. Why dont you just ask the provider? Hes pretty much obligated to tell you what you are buying IMHO. :blush:

Well I did ask him, but he just resells from different providers and different locations all around the world. He was pretty confused himself and doesn’t know what that means either lol since most of his subnets are dc or isp… That is why I ask here since I kinda need to know for my splittesting :slight_smile:
Option nr 1 definetly sounds plausible, does that fact make the “mobile proxies” less trustworthy I suppose? Is option 2 really that unlikely that discussing it is not worth it? :joy:
Anyways thanks for your answer!!

Well, I guess you could shoot the IP here and the bright minds on MPs will call it out in a blink of an eye if it’s not real mobile =). If he doesn’t know what he’s reselling i would take that into consideration before placing an order )

It’s either fake or either super not legit

you can convert data centre proxies to 4g, its understanding the difference between how the IP is transmitted. If you can do that you have 4g…

Been working with him for a while now and super happy with his service :slight_smile:
It’s just a new location he got and those proxies are apparently “dc proxies over mobile network” which got us both confused haha. Well the proxy looks like a regular ipv4 tunneling a ipv6 (not sure if that is how you say it but I think u know what I mean).

Do you think IG views it as 4g tho? Or still as dc? Sorry if this question is super dumb haha I’m not the best at this proxy stuff

Thats the million dollar question how dose IG know…

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