DCs proxies is working? Or should I use only 4g proxies?

Yesterday I got an account disabled, and I think that DCs proxies can be the cause…

What you think?

DCs still work for me but not anywhere as well as 4G does. No disabled accounts personally.

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Are you using API emulation or EB?

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Trying both right now still.

Some still promise DC works all fine. I stopped having luck with DC a year ago. Switched to 4G proxies. Works ok for me.

Using 4G proxies since a while now. Works great.

EB or API emulation?

All on EB.

13 chars…

How many accounts do you manage?

80 accounts …

should at least get 10 proxies if you plan to switch

I’m thinking to switch and buy the Henry Cooper proxies 1:1 what you think?

Client acc?
Legit acc?

Client account

Can you describe little bit the previous behavior of the disable account?, did it get AC, any hard block before, how many of them?

No, was working well, got ACTION REQUIRED 2 times before…