Death of SMM Panels?

Received this email this morning - these guys are known to be one of the more popular panels out there. If they’re dropping then is it likely all the others will follow suit soon?

Email message below:

Followiz is forced to stop offering services

this is with the biggest regrets that we are forced to stop selling SMM Services at
We will stop all business on November 23, 2019.
Please be sure that you use all your balance by this date. We can also make BTC refunds if asked via the ticket system.
Thanks for all the support we received since the beginning!

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Check their website - the reversed and canceled „their end“ :man_facepalming::joy:

Are there any legit working panels left?

I am supplier of most services for smm but I accept only people that have 100+ orders per day min.
If you are interested PM me so we can talk more.

Followiz and JustAnotherPanel are in the top.
There are some more you can check on BHW and see how good they are according to replies/reviews.

followiz is discontinuing services… i think its over.

Have one always working server, the team behind it update it each day to remove dead one etc. Not a big thing like well-know service but it’s work.
PM for the link if interested.

All bigger panels are mainly resellers and have the same sources. One falls the rest will follow.

most of those panel in BHW marketplace are outsourcing from the same providers if the big players fall then its just a matter of time until allother panels doomed.

For most of them its a price question. If people are not willing to pay more they need to close the doors. A lot of these panels create their own accounts, so could also be related to an issue with creating a big amount of accounts on their end. I draw that conclusion by the short amount of time that likes/follows from SMM panels drop and need to be - theoretically - replaced.

The Services still working great on some panels

True. There are 2 big providers in China, n2 farm and another one. Followiz and few big panels use their accounts, the moment n2 farm raises prices, literally all panels do it.
Lately there haven’t been any follower providers for less than $2.5/1000, looks like Instagram has been cracking hard on fake accounts.

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