DeathbyCaptcha or 2Captcha

Hi, I’m going to use a captcha solver, which one works better with you? DeathbyCaptcha or 2Captcha? What’s their difference? And the price? Thanks in advance

  • 2captcha
  • Cheaper, do the same thing - solve captchas
  • Check their websites for prices and compare yourself, it takes 2 minutes.

Hello, ofcourse 2captcha service is better))

Dbc is supportee by more softwares from my experience, cant comment on the price

Dbc works well with pvacreator, cant comment on the other one, expect that its cheaper.

How to set it on Jarvee for Instagram captcha solving?

You must sign up for a 2captcha account via and make sure that your account there has enough credits so it can be used to automatically solve captchas in Jarvee.

Once you have created your account for the 2captcha account, please choose ‘I am a customer’, then you can proceed to Add Funds and copy the API Key on the Dashboard page that will show up after (1st and 2nd images below).

Then, please add the captcha key under Settings > Connectivity > Captcha Servers > 2captcha (3rd image below). After that, go to Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > Automatic Actions and put a check on ‘automatically solve captcha when needed’ (4th image below).

**1st image

**2nd image

**3rd image

**4th image

I am also looking at DBC