Deeper Hashtag Mining

So this is how I harvest hashtags from the hashtag search page using Scrapebox. It grabs the URLS from the Insta search page then goes off and harvests the hashtags from the posts on that page.

I created it because I wanted to find new hashtags for my niche and the related hashtags wasn’t really giving me enough or good enough results.

Once you have the list of hashtags you can export them into excel and work some magic there or copy them and the grab the post counts for each hashtag. Then export that into excel and work out which ones to keep. Once you’ve got some keepers you can run the process again on those if you want more… so on and so forth…

If you have any ??? on a particular part just state the number on the images below and I’ll do my best to answer.

It initially looks like a lot of work but it’s really simple and once you’ve mastered how Scrapebox works it opens up a whole new world of data mining!


Sorry had to edit it a bit, killer, lets hope it passes the admins OK!

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No worries, can you message me what you edited?? Cheers.


Hey man, thanks!
Will try this now.


No probs. I can write more tutorials if this one works out ok.


Thank you for This, i think i have not clear the N 13, maybe because i just woke up eheh


Sorry, it’s not you! I’ve missed out a screenshot!!! Give me 5 mins!!..


Ok it’s updated. I’d missed out 13a to 13f.


Thank you,
but i think i do something wrong as i get some errors, and i also noticed grabbed urls are different from your screenshot.
I mean my urls are just like this


And also see screenshot for error.

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Great tutorial! Seems really interesting!

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Just sent you a message.

Thanks, hope it helps.

Feom @Dee

"Double check step 3, 4 and 5. Copy and paste from here…


  2. “code”: "

  3. ",

You might have typed the wrong chars???"

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thanks, I managed to get the message to him.

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Sorry, wasn’t following, lol, just owke up!

no worries, cheers anyway! I had a dilema, couldn’t post because my limit had been reached. Couldn’t message admin cuz messages had been reached! Emailed MP support and they sorted. Cheers.

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Thank you for the great share. We all love new users like this! :slight_smile:
Especially thanks for the detailed screenshots!
Will take my time to try the next days :slight_smile:


No probs, enjoy!

Amazing share :slight_smile: will try it out

@Dee Can you help me?Im facing the same problem as cyberkore.Can you post the method/update here?

Also I am having the problem with next page marker not found.I did add the Load more and updated but still the same?