Deleted all old posts on babes account, turned into photography account... should I just start over?

I used to grow accounts and had an old babes account with 15k followers on it. I deleted all the content about a year ago and have been sitting on the account ever since.

Recently I started getting into photography (photographing models) and the shoots I do are similar to what would be posted on a babes account, albeit with more “normal” looking girls.

Anyway I’m wondering if I should just start a new account or if it makes sense to just post everything there? I don’t want to be putting all this work into a dead account

I’m of the camp to start fresh, complete blank slate.

You have the larger account as a promotional means, while your new account stays clean and an audience built from the ground up that is 100% interested in what you post.

Maybe you can find a way to get that 15k page reactive, then shoutout your photography account.

shit, I already posted all my photos to that account :cry:

i was afraid you’d say that

Funny, just did something similar, although it was a previously deactivated photography page one type to another, both involving models. It’s been losing followers with pretty bad engagement ever since, even with some of the same photos being posted from the previous page that they were all followers of.

It’s been rough, I’d say starting fresh would be a better idea, but I’m still figuring out what will happen or work with this first. I guess it’s more of an experiment than anything else.

One thought with using the old one as a shoutout page, if it’s been inactive/bleeding when you wiped it, engagement may be terrible (don’t know how yours is) which could be really hard to use for shouting your other account out. Assuming it doesn’t pick up eventually.

I already scrapped it and started over. Currently at 1 follower lol :laughing:

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I agree with what is said above !
You can use the babe page for shoutouts to generate trafic.
But deleting everything and posting your pics (that are a little bit more normal) would set you on a bad course for engagement and growth in general

You made the good choice !
An account on such topic will grow fast for sure

I would also say that this was a good choice :slight_smile: if the account would be same niche, similar content and audience, then maybe it would work fine.