Deleteing Posts on instagram

Has anyone tested the max for deleting posts in one day?

I’ve deleted a lot in a day. By a lot I mean 500+ posts without issues. However, I don’t recommend doing same. Be more careful than me. Unless you don’t care much about that account :slight_smile:


Why delete when you can archive?


Either is fine with me. What is the max that you have archived in one day?

Haha would you believed me when I told you I archived over 700 posts right before the new year to clean my profile?

Took me a long time. If you want to archive a lot of posts I would suggest you change the view to the second one, where you can see all your posts like they would look like in your timeline.

Or on iPhone tap them hard, swipe up and then tap ‘Archive’. :slight_smile:

I am talking about deleting and archiving through bots.

When archiving posts, is the engagement from that saved in the database of instagram to help or hurt future posts?

Good question but so far it seems like my engagement is down but im not sure. Still got 4k new followers today so we will see how this goes after a week. I deleted about 1000 posts in two days.

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Yes, they are. They count like they are still visible.

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So are you deleting the posts because they have bad engagement?

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exactly. And if you’re using your account to make money / promote, brands look for engagement rate.

No im deleting them to go another direction with my account.