Deleting all the current photos and everything else removes shadowban?

Im heading to reach explore and i figure out that my account is always target on shadowban due to 80% of my ig posts been “to hoot” for insta.
By removing all the posts (280) and story’s it can make my insta clean again?

I haven’t heard that removing the content will remove shadowban :open_mouth:

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yes it helps it helps, u can also remove shadowbanned hashtags and archive instead deleting

Let us know how it goes and if it gave you any good results, if you proceed with this :slight_smile:

never heard of that, please keep us updated if you decided to go with it.

280 posts deleted.
Now im able to run ADS again, it seems that hashtags started to work again too.
But i didn’t get into explorer, i think maybe my account still have some restriction, im trying to contact insta support every day to solve this.

yes next time archive instead of deleting

So it worked, nice :smiley:

do you think that it might be helpful? why would you archive them instead of delete?

If you were shadowbanned due to long term automation, I recommend unliking every photo, unfollowing everyone and removing every post you’ve ever favourited and every comment you’ve made. This was impractical for me personally and my personal account with 60k+ niche followers had permanently damaged reach and permanently altered search suggestions due to having tens of thousands of liked photos in account history etc. As far as I’m concerned, long term automation has permanent effects on account reach, even after you’ve cleaned things up.

I wonder if the same can be said of manual account growth @embraceone? It seems on Reddit that a lot of normal people’s reach is being impacted as well

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I can’t speak for Reddit; but, minus obvious algorithm changes on Instagram, manual growth seems to work well when you get it right. Your reach obviously also scales down with follower count, but that’s all normal and healthy (albeit frustrating).

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