Deleting duplicate IDs (scraping)

Good Morning everyone,

I’ve scraped two lists of User IDs within the last week.
One of the lists we’re already put to use, while the other one hasn’t been touched yet.
There are a lot of same IDs in both lists.

I know how I can get rid of one of the duplicate IDs, but I need to completely delete both duplicate IDs, since one those IDs we’re already put to use.

Maybe someone can help me out here.
I’m not sure why this was so tough for me to write down.
Please let me know if you guys didn’t understand my problem.

Can’t you combine both lists in Excel and use the remove duplicates feature there?

I don’t get this part.

thanks for the answer!
im looking for a possibility to delete not just one of the duplicates, but both

f.e. ive scraped following users:

before: ossi,maxi,trump,ossi
after: maxi,trump

and that should be done with 1mil scraped users

@MaximilianP if i got you correct. You have two lists.
List 1 example:

List 2 example:

You need to minus lines of List 2 from List1, so as a result, you have to get this:

Something like that ?

You can use a simple python script. Python has something already that removes duplicates. You simply read data from both lists and then save the output without duplicate IDs

Thank you both for the answers! I’ll take a look at your suggestion. Hopefully it works