Deleting or "Clearing" Facebook - How?

Hi everyone,

With all the recent negative news about social media, specifically Facebook, I am planning on deleting my Facebook account. The problem is, I need to do it conditionally, and I was hoping some people with more Facebook knowledge than I have can help me out.

Here’s the thing:

  • Ultimately I am looking to remove my Facebook profile. The problem is, some companies whom I work for require me to post on their Facebook page. To do so, I need a personal account.

Thus we reach the conditions:
That I need a Facebook account for social media management and also perhaps for business opportunities(client acquisition) too.

  • So maybe if I had a Page for myself that would be like Dr. Nephilim_Aura or something. (But I don’t think with this type of page I can actually post to other pages…)

  • But I for the most part want to remain off the Fb grid so I’m thinking another account, that no one can find or reach me at(no friends, somehow an entirely private account) that I can then use to post to other pages.

What I’m looking to do is the following:

  • I would like to either delete my entire Facebook account or(preferably) “wipe” my Facebook account of any personal fingerprints, aside from the necessities I need to have the account around. For example, I want to disconnect my Phone # from my Facebook, I want to change the email address, I want to remove all my friends, no hobbies, no way for people to add me by mistake or for me to show up on a “You may know this person” list. (I am also in the process of removing other social media)

  • I want to run this account entirely off a proxy or other computers. Never off my main PC, never off my phone.

  • I want to entirely delete the Facebook app from my phone. The last few times I tried this, it reinstalled it without my permission when I restarted my phone. I’m using an iPhone 6s.

What is the best way to remove or “clear” my Facebook profile, while maintaining a private one for work purposes?

What procedures do I have to do to disconnect it entirely from my phone, so it doesn’t reinstall either?

Thanks. I was going to ask this on Reddit but I know we’re all better than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to save photos etc?

I was going to answer no but I might need to do that.

Edit However, I know how to save user information, there’s enough guides that tell you how to do that.

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So I’m currently downloading all my user information.

From here, what’s the next step?

My biggest point here is I need a Facebook profile for complete privacy. I’m not looking to “just delete” it but I think deletion would be the best course of action(unless I get a second opinion) because my current one is tied to so many personal elements.

There is a script out there that will delete everything after you save it elsewhere. That way it is also scrubbed from FB. I have the same dilemma with my business. I need a FB and IG, but have not liked FB for years. I’ve got it all saved somewhere. If I come across t I’ll poat it

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Hook me up bro.

I found a Facebook port blocklist for your computer’s host file here.


I will be kind of busy for the next few days, but when I find it all I will share it. I wish I could block it, but my wife is addicted to FB.

No worries. I’ll just leave that there for others. Whenever you run across it, let me know. I’m going to go ahead and delete my profile regularly anyways.

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Crazy. I’m not surprised by any of this.