Deleting TikTok videos will screw your account

Is this true? I’ve heard these from a couple of YouTube videos that deleting videos off your page will hurt your organic reach. Is this BS or should we play it safe and not delete videos?

not true not true

it happened to me, i suggest to put them private instead

Also, posting private and then turning them public brought 0 views to me.

make them private, no more worry. if you delete vids, it removes the likes from your like counter on your profile.

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Agreed. Private is the way to go imo

deleting won’t bring any malus to your account but it will erase any data for the algorythm and likes counter. the difference between private them or deleting them it’s just if u mind to keep the data audience for helping the algorythm to classify your account in your niche.

please stop sharing bullshits read on fb or random blogs, we’re MP social jesus christ

Text me bro, I’ll give you the breakdown!

which breakdown ?

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um, i actually privated video. i didn’t delete nothing, before i privated them everything i post was going to the fyp but now it is flopping so bad.

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