Delivering messages on FB


Since FB created Spam folder for messages, my messages are not going to be readed at all … I am contacting people for business purposes, doing it manually with only my personal account, adding people to friends if possible, trying to personalise message with their names … and yet still … everything looks like is going to spam …

do you have any solution for me please?

Thank you

This normally means your main account has been flagged in some way, might be worth resting for a week and trying again.

FB uses AI to detect unusual or repetitive actions, you`ll need to wait-it-out!

Are you using different message text when contacting those users on FB?

Maybe it could help if you would create different types of messages that you will be sending so that they look less like spam. Are you using any other FB accounts from the same IP?

no just my personal account, not using any bots, i was using MP previously for long time for Instagram automation client management service but this is just some small hustle that doesnt need lot of accounts, just good deliverability but it looks like I need to create 10s of messages for that or I dont know

You can try to find some spinning syntax creator tool that can help you to get different versions of the message that you’ll be using. Are you using any links in your messages? This also could be a problem.

But before you start sending again, stop sending messages for few days and then try again, with adjustments :slight_smile:

Facebook has a limitation. You cannot send many messages to new users. My advice is to send newsletters from 2 or more accounts.

How many messages would you recommend per day?

It’s better to only send messages to those who accept your friend request. If only a few accept, then you will need to find a way to increase the % of how many will accept the invitation.

If you are using a male account, try with a female one. Make it look as legit and professional as you possibly can and see if that increases the acceptance rate.