Denied ClickBank Application Immediately


Huh. Wasn’t expecting this… 1 second after filling out the Clickbank application with my USA address, US ID and Bank, there is an immediate denial… unfortunately there isn’t any reason explaining why I am denied…

Am I missing something? Is clickbank not allowed in the USA?

"Thank you for your interest in ClickBank!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an account at this time. Regrettably, we are unable to make any exceptions."


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2 emails and 1 call, and now I have successfully signed up. Here are some tips if anyone else gets stuck:

IP must match address otherwise they block your email address permanently on all attempts. Support unblocked my email, and my next application went straight through.



What do you mean? For example you register with a USA postal address then the IP should be from the US as well?
It can be a really useful information tho because if you don’t live in a particular country and you’re using proxy/vpn while registering it can cause immediate block. Thanks for this info.


Correct… if you are in another country from your home address, so your IP is Germany, but your address is USA, the email will be permanently denied. Then if you submit a 2nd application with German IP + German Address - also denied… After telling my story to the support team, they unlocked my email account, and German IP + German Address = approved…


Hey thanks for your simple and clear response. Its really helpful. I am based in Kenya and unfortunately click banks doesn’t support Kenya as one of the countries. Can i get any help in getting the account registered by someone using details i will provide since my problem is that of the IP not matching my current address? This will be very helpful in my internet marketing career as i desperately need the account. Am willing to tip. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


About the IP:
A friend just told me he successfully opened up a german clickbank account out of Indonesia. He used a VPN called NordVPN.
His Bankaccount is also german and his email is also a german domain. He told that was also a reason why it was accepted.