Design Build Engagement Group

I want to grow on Instagram and thinking my content is good and better than some that tracks much higher. I wanted to figure out how to get into an engagement group with other Design Companies.

Sorry for not being smarter on these things, but how do I join an engagement group?

The IG page I’m trying to promote is @truescapedesign

Appreciate how much you all help out with questions. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who has the time to respond.

Try DM similar type accounts and ask around to join an EG. If for some reason you can’t join an EG make your own! (:

There are a bunch of free ones on Telegram.
A few have been made here, but I don’t think they are looking for new members.

I think in an engagement group it’s very important that you all follow each other - instagram uses engagement from followers to determine if a post should get more coverage.

Thanks for your response.

Telegram messenger? Not sure if I know where you’re talking about though.

Also do you all think engagement groups is my best avenue to growing real followers? Feel like I’m not doing as well as I’d expect on IG and looking for feedback on ways to improve. I’m @truescapedesign

If you do it from Messenger or Insta groups, FB tracks the link where you are redirected from and wont count the likes as “power likes” . Thats why people use Telegram.

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So I got telegram and got on some groups from Wolf Global. Not sure how this works with and wondering if you’ve found good success with it and or where you find engagement groups to join within the Telegram app