Desktop User Agent + Mobile Proxy = Bad?

What happens if your user agent is Firefox or Chrome and OS is Windows or Mac and you login using a 4G proxy? Also, what if you switch various user agents while staying on any kind of static connection or proxy in general?

Just use gologin free version. Way less headaches. You can use a static on all 3 modules. Just don’t run too many actions at the same time.

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Imagine you have a WiFi Router in your home/office with a SIM card, thus a 4G internet connection.

Or imagine you have an android or iPhone with the IG App connected to the WiFi with a standard residential landline.

Both are real life examples and IG knows this.

4G proxy providers can change the user agent on their side also, if you ask them nicely :slight_smile: But usually not necessarily.

User agent is not proxy related, but browser, so has to/can only be changed on the user side.

I think you were referring to the TCP/IP fp maybe?

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Yes, correct I was thinking of the TCP/IP Fingerprint OS. Linux for phone and Windows for example.

Thanks to everyone, I love learning about this stuff.