Desperate times call for desperate measures


You’re right in fact the idiot is me. but even this one who cheated me was a friend. From now my lesson will be FRIEND OF ALL, CREDIT TO NONE


I highly suggest having them pay a month in advance, then they can cancel anytime without you losing money.


Go ahead and google “How to write ToS” you should find something.

ToS will not make your customers pay upfront, YOU have to make sure they do.

I don’t know your wife.


Mine was a joke :slight_smile: however, now I investigate, thank you :slight_smile:


Well if you want a revenge then go on those cheap SMM websites, buy him 5k fake followers, and 100s of custom comments saying “scammer”. Shouldn’t cost you more than $5. But you messed up by working without getting paid first.


Now I also did a TOS, and next time with the f*** I start a job without having taken my money.


to these people you have to do something more drastic, they are so stupid that if I add 5k they are also happy because they think they have grown up :slight_smile:


I currently wrote my ToS, do you want to compare? :wink:


Yes, Thank you very much !