Desperate times call for desperate measures

Guys this post is very bad, you’ve ever worked for someone but this has not paid you and changed the password, this obviously happens in situations where you have not signed any contract, there is a way to take revenge on these people, report them, make them lock, I repeat it is a bad thing that should never be done, but it happened to me :slight_smile: and we do not talk about a small amount.

What is the purpose of this thread? Are you asking for something or just telling us it happened to you? I genuinely don’t even know that the service you’re referring to is…

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I have expressed or explained badly, I would just like to know if you ever managed to manage a customer and this has never paid you and after 2 months using your service, he changes the password and everything goes smoothly.

Why the fuck would you provide your service without him paying? But yeah, tell him you’ll ruin his account if he doesn’t pay and then send fakes lol…

But seriously, move on. It was your mistake for not charging beforehand - learn from it and don’t waste time thinking about this/plotting revenge :wink:


It 's my mistake just because we were acquaintances, and instead he cheated me,otherwise it would never happen.

I’d write this off as a loss and learn your lesson. Never provide a service without pay - especially for 2 months of work. That is insanity


Was about to say the same thing. If you worked for him for 2 months without billing him you basically called for it :smiley:

Sorry for your loss, get back at him in a few months and offer him your service for a discount and say that you’re really sorry for how your ways split the last time, but this time make him pay upfront. :+1:


Has it ever happened to you? There is no method to damage it? Report him or do something?

Really not worth it but the best idea if you are going to waste time (and money) on this is what I wrote in my reply.

But @MyFocus had a good idea, I’d do this:

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Of course there are ways to do that. But just think for a second what could benefit you more than trying to cause harm to him.


Instead of make him pay upfront, I would get access to his account, delete every photo, change username and get it banned. If he actually did scam you for 2 months, I would NEVER trust again. I learned that from a member here when I tried to buy accounts. Cut your losses

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The time and energy you would spend getting back at him would be better spent growing your own business. It’s in the past now, take it as a learning experience and always charge clients upfront.


Unfortunately you are all right I was a fool! never work again without payment in advance! Do any of you sign a contract or something, or do you only issue an invoice?

Yes some people here use contracts or agreements when signing up clients. I personally do not in most cases unless the clients requests one, although I always get paid upfront so there is no need for me really unless it’s an agreement that takes the liability off of me.

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You should always have a terms of service agreement.

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Is there a pro forma to be followed?

ToS is your terms. You can write (almost) anything you want into it.

Lots of templates on Google :slight_smile:

now I’ll try to search on google “social media terms of service template”, but what a rip off if there is no way to take revenge if someone hurts us without taking legal action. in short, do us justice alone

Resume a rotten customer and how to forgive your wife who f*** with everyone.

This is hilarious. I don’t think this is the right line of work for you if you can’t do something as simple as stopping service once a customer decides he’s not going to pay. My clients pay up front on day one for the first month, and then reoccurring payments after that. I’ve at most had a customer be 2 weeks late on a payment, but it was a personal friend so I let it go.

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