Destination lists being deleted

Is anyone else having trouble with the destination lists unselecting the groups? ive literally been having this issue for 2 months now on and off not sure whats going on, also the numbers on the members per group are not accurate im using Jarvee though…

should i switch to jarvee?

That’s probably happening because Jarvee has done syncing of your account and some of those groups have been removed from your Groups tab.

Try using this option on account’s Advanced settings

thank you so much my friend i will try this!

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for the unselecting groups issue, make sure to uncheck this option on the campaign and see how it goes


How many FB groups are you in? Do you see all your groups in the Groups tab after you check the option mentioned by @Jaha and do a sync operation?

I have the same problem, yesterday people from Jarvee support saw it in one of my accounts and they are analyzing the problem.

is still happening is so annoying i dont understand what the problem is and now it does this really weird thing where if someone likes your photo in a group post, it creates a new group and adds it to your destination list and calls it for example “so and so like you photo in so and so group” also members are super inaccurate something is wrong with the code here…


NOTHING FIXED IS ACTUALY WORST NOW, really sad this is not being fixed. this is basically the whole reason I have Jarvee if for the facebook groups

Do you have these selected?


Is the Groups tab empty? It looks like there’s an issue during the sync operation on your account. I’d re-sync the groups, once all groups are extracted, turn off the groups sync in advanced profile setting, maybe it will help.

I had similar problem. Try selecting these options: