Developers Keeping Files

Hey guys long time i know! Anyways just have a quick question. I have software developers but they keep the files on their own hosting. This bothers me because I would prefer to own the files myself?

I paid thousands for many projects now. Do they keep the files for security purposes? I really don’t want them stealing money from me (ex. someone buys on my site and they swap out the paypals or something like that)

Anyone with experience let me know thanks!

Do you mean that they keep the source code? If that is the case you need to be clear with them, I don’t know what agreement you have signed but it’s always part of it.

If you give us more details maybe I can guide you better, I’m in the software industry myself.


I am also confused as this is not too clear. Please provide more information and maybe we can advise.

I always had work agreements with my development teams. They included intellectual property rights and a lot of clauses that made sure I owned and controlled everything free and clear.

Hopefully you have one of those, if not you should get one in place. You should also include a clause that if they ever stop working on the project they must immediately turn over all copies of the code to you and delete any copies they have made.


Feel free to DM me if you want one of the agreements I use. Happy to share.


Thank you! Look forward to it. Will definitely give that agreement on my next project.

However Im not too worried. I have google analytics that will tell me everything.