Diary of an Ordinary Mom ✍ 👩

Hi All, this is a pretty long share so please bear with me :slight_smile:

Friday :hushed:

As some of you may know, I’ve been homeschooling (I’m not a traditional mom, except when it comes to discipline :wink: ) my son for the past 6 years and since he will be in Junior High next academic year, we decided to let him try out for exclusive school.

So last Friday, he was interviewed by the Big 3 of the ‘Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters’ :grin:

I tell you, it was really nerve-wracking for me but seeing how cool, calm and collected my son was, eased my worries a bit, but still, it was the longest 3 hours of my life to date :sweat:

What worried me the most is the fact that I home-schooled him, I used a curriculum and learning materials which is absolutely different from what the regular schools use. Also, not to discount the fact that I was very adamant with my decision to go unconventional in a society where conventional way is the only way. :unamused:

If he fails, there is no one to blame but ME. I can’t even put to words the anxiety I was feeling at the mere thought of screwin’ up my only son’s (only kid at that) life.

Enough of my distress, let’s fast forward to 30 minutes after the interview. We were called in the Directress’ office and the first thing she said to me was, you did a brilliant job in homeschooling your son and I applaud you for that.

We are honored to have him in our wings and we are granting him half scholarship for this academic year, he could have gotten a full scholarship if he finished grade school here. (that’s our goal next year :nerd: )

In a nutshell, I was in heaven that Friday. :sunglasses:

The Day after :partly_sunny:

I woke up to a sad news and it was crazy, my piece of heaven went Poof! :scream:

Come afternoon, more sad news at the Doctor’s office, but hey, what’s new?!

Later that evening, it got a little better after I had dinner with my family.

New day has begun :sunny:

My morning started with a surprise gift from my son :slight_smile: Good vibes making their way and I’m hopeful.

Off to work and read emails laced with lotsa lovin’ and appreciation, a really heartwarming gesture. Please accept our warmest hugs and sincerest gratitude :bow:

What now?! :slight_smile:

I guess, what I truly wanted to say is that life in general is like a roller coaster ride, with ups, downs and 360 loops from here and there, but that makes it so much more awesome and worth riding again. So no worries, this too shall pass.

Oh and I almost forgot, Happy Mother’s Day :bouquet: to all special, hardworking and selfless MOMs (your mom, wife, sister, friends…) you have in your life!


@mommyfats, When I hvae e-mailed support, I think I might have gotten you once or twice, maybe three times. Always with solid info, great usggestions and top notch support.

Your tutorials here are awesome. I look forward to many, many more posts in the near future! As you know, life has a way of throwing us speedbumps, it’s how we handle it that counts.!


One of the best posts I have seen in a long time. Firstly congratulations on your son getting into that school. All your hard work and dedication has paid off!

Being a mom myself I can totally appreciate the feeling of utter joy when you see your kid/s thrive. MP for me has been done while the kids are asleep and I have been around here for a while silently reading as many threads as I can, learning and implementing.

Thank you to the MP team @adnan @said @Johnny for all your hard work answering all my emails. It’s been almost a year now that I have been using the software but one of my very first emails to customer support was “How do I post a clickable link in an IG post”. :joy: I still remember that Said replied to this. Oh what a journey it has been! It’s safe to say I have learnt a lot since then. As @mommyfats said these journeys are to be enjoyed!
@Adnan good luck on the birth of your second child and…

Happy Mother’s Day to you and your families.


This was a wonderful read. :blush:

Not only have you accomplished a remarkable result with your efforts and love for your son (I’ve been through the HS gamut a bit) but his consideration and caring are a testament to the character he has. That can only be attributed to the environment and love that he has had at home by you and his family.

Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Big kudos to your Mom-skillz. :thumbsup:


Big hugs @wortime, @Fonzie and @Mojo (Happy Mother’s day supermom :bouquet:), really means a lot to all of us :smile:


Happy Mothers day!


I am very happy for you and your son!
And I wish you, your family, your friends all the best.

Love the share, started my day with a big smile!

Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums!


@saintsmoke and @mrgeoffj thanks guys :wink:


Happy Mother’s Day Mom :slight_smile:


Thank you son :slight_smile:


Thanks for the good read @mommyfats

Maybe I should make a “Diary of a Son” :bookmark_tabs:


Sounds like an awesome sequel, keep me posted :slight_smile:

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Hey! I kinda thought this was gonna be like a weekly update kinda deal :slight_smile:

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Haha, would do that later, I’ll just edit some privy stuff :joy:


@Babs, here it goes…

Monday-Tuesday, same old same old

Wednesday, my son got bitten by our neighbor’s dog while biking around the neighborhood. He received 5 vaccines after that.

Thursday, I spoke to the owner who had the nerve to tell me that my boy was lucky that it was not the pitbull that got him :rage: . Yeah, I did file a :cop: report.

Friday, good stuff there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saturday, my son got his 2nd dose of anti-rab; 3 more to go…Yey! Oh and I did not get to try ‘onion in my socks’ thing, hubby and son did not like the idea :laughing:

Sunday, I’m sending my regards, hoping y’all have a great one :smile:


Is he ok now :frowning: ?

Wow, what a f****** A**hole he deserves the report for sure.

Bahahaha! I would probably do the same if i were either XD

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He’s a bit traumatized but he’s my blood so he’ll be fine :smile: And yeah, that a-hole…I’ll get him someday; “revenge is a dish best served cold” :smiling_imp: :innocent:


What a fucker. If you need a hitman hit me up… jk lol :smiley: