Did airplane mode on android change your mobile IP?

here goes my report from Indonesia.
Telkomsel, XL, Smartfren, all change IP when activated airplane mode for at least 5 seconds.
Indosat, 3 (Three) are not tested yet.

How about you guys? did your mobile network change IP when airplane mode is turned on for a while?
please put your country and ISP you tested.


Hey, when you are with your laptop in your phone hotstop and put the phone on airplane and again on the ip changes every time

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Yes. I am in the United States and when you turn on airplane mode and turn it off after the IP switches. Same for turning the phone off completely too.

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I don’t know why they say that
even turn off the mobile spot and turn it on will give you new IP
no need for airplane mode


what is your ISP?

please mention your ISP.

no it doesn’t. if it happens, your ISP is doing something shady.
I remember, around 4 or 5 years ago, XL in Indonesia used to change IP every 15 seconds for no damn reason. then I can’t login to cPanel (web hosting manager), because every session is tied to an IP and when IP change is detected, it will force logout. Imagine how annoying that is.

For me in Germany it works too (with o2 at least)

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the ip will not change without me turning off the mobile data
no need for airplane mode
try it and let me know


it’s about creating a new mobil internet connection fom your device. This is what gets you a new IP (having no connection to your mobile network and then you start a connection to your mobile network) - you can do it with airplane, turning on/off, or also connecting to another wifi. Does not work the same way in every country and depends mainly on how the provider is handling the IPs.

Tried to figure out how it’s done in my country and came across this:

Starting connection from device -> Log in to core network using APN (Access Point Name)
SGSN (Serving GPRS Support node) -> HLR(Home Location Register) checking APN -> connecting to GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support node) GGSN ist the interface between mobile network and the external PDN (Paket Data Network =Internet)
GGSN gives you your private IP -> translation into public IP (Network Address Translation) -> Mobile device online.

Lol - even though I can’t fully understand it and it may not be a 100% up to date. it gives me an idea about the process.

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Mine here changes IP when :

  1. Randomly several hours
  2. Turned on/off airplane mode
  3. Changing 4G to 3G, and vice versa
  4. Turning off mobile data (but not guaranteed)
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That’s apply on most of cases(specially in asian countries like in India as well).

But ISP gives you only two or three total different IP classes, then whenever you do airplane mode on/off or change APN or change 4G to 3G then it will give you same class IP like first time and then second time I collect my changed IP numbers and I see only few times I got totally different IP with all different IP classes numbers.

Some ISP provide both IPv6 and IPv4, but I disable IPV6 from network settings. It’s not safe when majority of social site user have IPv4 in my area.

Vodafone India doesn’t change the IP by simply doing airplane mode on/off, but by changing 4G to 3G or vice versa gives you new IP address, if it doesn’t, then change APN setting as well.

Jio/Airtel/Idea India gives you different IP by simply doing airplane mode on/off.


just wanted to add i was referring only to how I can change it from home. I also can change it by moving around and it randomly changes over time too.

I also write down all IPs. I get 3 “classes” when I am at home.

thanks for the insights @YodaMaster and @rinaldojonathan


In the US with Verizon, AT&T and TracFone Ive had some instances where it didn’t change the IP so I just started doing 3g/4g now and that seems to do it every time

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Sometimes here it jumps from Banjarmasin, Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, and Jawa Tengah. I’m at Pekanbaru, Riau, all location above were several hundred kilometers.

The IP also comes from different classes. (184.x.x.x to 23.x.x.x)

a bump with information update might not hurt.

Tested so far : Telkomsel (also by.U), Indosat, XL , 3, Smartfren, all changes IP when put on airplane mode.

Yes. Happens on my side too.

I do not think it changes it