Did anyone get rid of the notification shadowban?

Did anybody was able to remove the shadowban of his accounts?
Any idea what might cause it and how long did it take to reduce it?

I think it might be because of too many follows in a day / too short period
, maybe too often posted the same content

Any other ideas?

yes, related posts, aggressive settings, spammy dm’s…etc that will definitely result in shadowbans, for me I changed proxies, stopped all actions for 7 days then started very slowly after 14-15 days things are back to normal.

What are you current daily limit for follow tool? I keep my follow limit to 40 follows per day. Just wondering if anyone is able to do more follows per day without getting shadowban.

Do you not get shadowbans with 40 follows a day?

I do much more than that a day, I can go up to 150-200 follow a day with no issue, shadowbans are not directly connected to following or unfollowing they can happen for different reasons.

Cool! The max follow per day that I’ve tried is only 90, haven’t gone over 100.

Do you use DC proxies or 4g/residential?

Luca, are you using “Follow from a provided list” or “Follow followers of targeted accounts” as a Follow Source? Also, do you mind sharing your follow/unfollow settings? I’m trying to test different things in order to understand what could trigger the shadow bans after 40 follows per day.

I use the Follow followers of targeted accounts

Sure no problem here you go


Great share! Thank you man!

@Luca do you follow/unfollow at the same time? Do you not get phone verifications or suspensions?

I hate this shadowban, ruined my business! I tried to Follow only 4 days per week ( with 48 hours between) . it’s not a rule. my settings 60-80 follows/day. ! 50% of my accounts shadowbanned.
anyway. I realized the following things:

  1. If you edit your name, username,bio, phone, - Shadowban at least 3 days
  2. very hard to grow new accounts ( with 60-80 follows from the first day (it;s shadowban). so I think only with 10-20 follows /day first days
  3. Replies (Comments) are more efficient if you have shadowban for Follow Notifications
  4. I am using DC proxies from 3 or 4 sources (IPlease, Instantproxies, highproxies, proxystore) - no matter the company. - shadowban or working… (50-50)
  5. Old Accounts (with 28K - shadowbanned) - no matter if you have 10 followers or 28K it’s still the same

A) I am wondering if with Mobile proxies still have shadowban
B) Maybe Jarvee it’s not good anymore for twitter platform. I will try Socinator.

I do not follow/unfollow at the same time, I use this option instead, you will find it on the follow and unfollow tools


i do get PV from time to time not so much

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Got it. Thanks for the reply man!

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Hey, do you use 4g proxies or dc?

Thanks a lot.

I think I got it. On my end it seems that adding sources with “Follow followers of targeted accounts” doesn’t get you shadowban and “Follow people from provided list” does.

I’ll keep running tests and update then.

big accounts on 4g proxies others on DC

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let me know how it goes, I will test the Follow people from provided list as well and see if a test account will get a shadowban or not.

Yes. This is true! I have used Follow people from provided list in the last month and all my stats were down. " Now I re-added Sources of targeted accounts and seems that people follow me back.

Was you able to unshadowban your accounts?
I have waited 4 days and reactivated but seems like it did not help
Should I wait 7 more days or even more?

Not all my accounts are unshadowban! But most of them when I changed the source ( Targeted follower)