Did i get a Shadowban/Uploadban?

I run an Instagram Account with 50k followers.
i was away for a week and planned all my uploads with jarvee
in that week i got phone verification so jarvee didnt post and stopped everything
(im running jarvee on my pc so i had no access).
Now my page is kinda broken no engagement anymore etc.
But the main problem is i cant post anything anymore via jarvee or my phone it
gets deleted in like 10secs.
i tried it without using hashtags and tags …
How long does this “ban” last for.?
Should i stop all jarvee activity`?

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Did you post videos?

yeah only videos

I had the same issue. I was only able to post pictures. But after a while it was possible to post videos again. Try to post a picture and keep us updated?

Okay i posted a Pic and it didnt get deleted instantly thank you!
how long did you post photos before uploading videos again?

that’s interesting… When having problems posting pictures, I post them as videos until I’m able to post photos again… Looks like it might work both ways huh?

haha seems like it.This is the first time tho that this happend to me…
How long did you want until you posted pictures again?

2 days then I tried a photo

Wait did I get it correctly? You can’t even post using your phone and your own phone’s 4g connection?
If yes my assomption would be that you posted some aggressive content?
Or the proxies you where using where the worst of the worst…

Hello, surely you will be 5 to 15 days without being able to publish.
And surely you have some more PV these days.

Cheers my friend! I think I tried after a few days (5-7) to post videos and it worked again.

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Yeah sounds like taking it really easy and acting as human like as possible would be a good idea

i tried it on my phone with my wifi and its kinda working again
i can atleast post pictures again!
thanks for your help tho!