Did instagram do a cleanup?

Did IG do a cleanup yesterday? My account dropped 2k followers and big accounts like Justin Bieber dropped 300k.

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Yes I am seeing lots of red numbers today! I think it’s a good thing, it will make the account more healthy after the purge


Yep! seems like they caught some bot accounts as of yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve received a lot of reports from my clients about this – one of them lost around 3k, they freak out but nothing unusual (same as last time).


Almost looks like they did another clean up. This is pretty odd

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So cool. I did lose 30 followers these last 3 days and i didn’t know why.

Seems every single bots of my acc has been erased :v: (cleaning them manually since the last clean up 2 months ago)

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Did anyone here’s accounts/slaves get deactivated by IG for botting though? That’s probably a more important question.

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My accounts are still standing good

I did have one account that I have had for many years working just fine and where I don’t actually bot anymore that got deactivated. I was able to get it back but it did come just out of the blue.