Did you get new view of feed?

Now you don’t need to scroll, but need to slide…
Like or dislike?

Seems like most people hate it already, and a pretty terrible move in my opinion. Maybe it’s one reason why the founders left, too many shitty decisions coming from above?

Oh the rage: https://twitter.com/search?q=new+instagram+swipe+feed (now trending https://twitter.com/hashtag/instagramupdate)


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its not only the looks its not usable and i cant swipe for my dm or camera

Lol that is just absolute garbage lol

Don’t think this will stay for long by the look of the rage on Twitter about this :smiley:

A lot of dislikes on Twitter
But I’m interested in, how it will change engagement? Probably it will decrease?

waiting to see if it will impact automation services or engagement

It will make people stop using the app… scrolling is half the point, nobody has time to spend on each photo, this isn’t fucking Tinder.

Thinking I’m going to hold off posting anything today because this will likely destroy reach and engagement for anyone who upgraded already. And it was reverted.


no more swipe i got scroll again on all of the profiles i dont know how maybe they cancelled the update

It’s disgusting!!!

LOL looks like they pulled back and reverted the update for a lot of users. At least that’s what a lot of people are posting on Twitter :laughing:

#instagramupdate is the number 1 hashtag in the US on Twitter atm so they are noticing that noone likes this shit hahaha

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Instagram is the trend on twitter now, lol

Who do they have working at the company now… honestly I’ve never seen a platform/company go downhill so fast.

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Probably this guy

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That’s why he hasn’t been as active for the last few months :open_mouth:


Instagram confirmed it was a mistake… by saying it was a bug :smiley::man_facepalming:t2:
We don’t talk enough about those nasty bugs that can create an entire UI by accident…


“Whoops we really fucked up and now have to walk it back” clearly it was not a bug but a feature they’re probably gonna have to change now. It’ll probably be “announced” next week and then forced on us again.

Instagram teams around the world right now:


Wonder if their plan is to throw-off automation softwares/programs by messing up scroll patterns… just a thought.

The founders “quit” over what Zuck wanted to do. Aka he booted them out. He’s like the Trump of his own organization.

Since he is losing billions with FB, he is trying his hardest to monetize IG and frankly, he is just destroying it faster and pushing more people to Twitter IMO.


Fools day? Maybe? :roll_eyes: