Did you stopped automation to go full manual

sure, as I mentioned, the service name is Hot Client. the provider is IGBees.

Full Manual is far more expensive or time consuming then trouble shooting 100 Accounts at once on JV.
I would rather wait for updates

Thank you! Guilty of totally not reading your previous comment fully, you did mention both in it :smile:

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I stopped going manual for automation lately.
Zero blocks on automation, still many temp blocks on manual.
Wise automation will always win, because it’s scaleable. It’s the same as with making money, you can’t make much with your two hands unless you scale it up wisely.


I guess we shell do semi manuall.
3 days of automation 1 day of manuall… this can confuse the enemy.


yep but how many you can follow a day also do you use only slaves to follow or all your accounts ?

FBR is king, quality sources too, 120-180 a day is all you need

yes and fbr comes from quality souces but how did you managed to get 120 follow wit no issue especially with all this softwares bugs like 508 or blocks even with well warmed ccount aged with ood proxy randomization nighsleep mode …

just a few accounts are working flawlessly but I am implementing some changes and hopefully will be able to finally tackle it

ah ok that’s the problem even who master automation still have issue with this software i don’t thik it’s a setup or quality account or proxy issue but rather it’s software prblems 4 months still no real change to make work easier for us i know it’s hard but at the same time we pay them for it

my best bet right now thats its settings + proxies only )))) will know soon, i mean i am down to test since if it gets worse i can start looking for a job lol

haha no i advice you to go check the Real deal for the next 2/3years TIKTOK soon the war of automation will start on it so just forget about the job go downlod it and see by yourself how the app is Instagram automation is getting worse i am not with the team of #instaAutoisdEAd but i am seeing that automation now is goo for reposting for comment on new post with slave account and liking that’s it evey update insta make we get zucked

Around 150 follows, 150 unfollows and posting on every account everyday without any stops

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The best thing we did was going full manual , we are doing instagram manual growth from last 3-4 months now everything is going great, now we have about 400 instagram accounts all running manual doing total 600-800 actions every day


Those are really great results, I remember I could do one interval on one account in 2minutes, switching accounts included.
It works great in countries where human labor is less expensive than proxy and licenses, but how do you filter bot accounts manually? I have improvement in sales/ visits now because of automation filters.

we use jarvee to scrape accounts for our clients then follow them manually


you send them as a list with links ?

wow 300 action a dy and you don’t get any block issue in the week or month ?

with the telephone, how many accounts per telephone ? where are u from?

No, I don’t get even a single error.