Did you stopped automation to go full manual

i want to know if for f/uf you stopped using automation and started using only manual and use only dm or comment with automation ?
Also how can somene use more than 5 account with only 1 phone because it’s imossible to use slave accounts manually

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Nope, Still running automation for the majority of accounts - You need to change your methods when f/uf isn’t as effective and masslooking is having issues now.

Content is key, Hire a VA to make content and plan out your feed - Outsourcing websites is 2-4USD/hr and you can find some gems who do a great job - I’ve still had great results with a bit of automation and good content.

If you’re on android there is apps that will replicate your Insta app so you can run more than 5 - I Wouldn’t run too many since you can run into issues though.

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i did and it was the best thing that i should have done since june

hire a team and buy multiple phones…thats the way to go

you can sleep better at night, without worrying tomorrow ig blocks api or stuff

even if jarvee fixes the issue, i am not putting my clients account back… maybe spamming/cpa/slave accts… but not clients


Are you using proxies on the phones?
Or just running them from the location of your office?
Is that ok even if the client is from another country?
How you handle the mute after follow, manually too?

Many thanks!

I use real sim cards in my local country

No muting

No issue, clients are across continents in this world

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Watch out for location breaching and simultaneous logins. If that happens, you will get some sort of “API Block” on actual manual actions…

And about twin apps - no more than 8 profiles per phone!


I start testing manual following and automation (on the phone it self) of unfollowing.
read last following username and write it down
do 100-200 follow in 10 minute.
write last follwoing user.
Now put first and last to a scrapper account it will extract all the ppl you just follow.
unfollow will be done be pc connected to phone.

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I am using a new featured service which will just provide you a list of targeted accounts from the hashtag and location you’ve set, and you just follow and like and comment on them manually. but they are all in one place and it really speed up the manual process.

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can you elaborate ?
it seems like 3’rd party application won;t do good.

I’m still running on JV all of my main + dummy accounts, testing a batch with different proxy types and EB/API with extreme settings until they get blocks. That way I kind of “see the wall”.

and if you use more what will happen because there is some apps that don’t just clone 2 times but more than that

and how much do you follow on a day ? because there is huge difference on follow manually compared to auomation nowadays and i think it will be like that for a long time

yeah it is a 3rd party app. it has automation bot and it has this service called hot client. its from the IGBees bot. in the hot client you set your targets like in the automation, but it just brings you a long list of users based on your targets all in one place. there you can comment, like, direct, and copy the post, and also follow them. so it really speed up the manual and makes the manual process targeted.


really cpa spamming still alive on insta how you do it is it just now instead of having 20 accnt you have to get 100accnt for same result right ?

It doesn’t give you AC?

How about unfollowing?

Previous week I just used followers analyzer to SEE only the accounts non following back and then unfollow manually. Only sharing my password was enough to get AC msg. I didn’t perform any actions.

So it’s really hard to believe that another app will last longer.

What’s the service that you are using? Care to share?

Whats a VA? and where can i look for one?

Yup I did because jarvee was just problem after problem and action block after action block and doing it manually takes way more time but you get better results because you find better targets

How much does a VA cost who produce content?

it really depends on the background of using automations before, account age and so many other factors. I went to my insta web, went into setting, login activity and said “it was me” for this 3rd part app. and it is working ok.