Did your Facebook account get disabled after changing name?

Did your Facebook account get disabled after changing name?


I don’t think changing the name will get your account disabled, there is something else

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What is something else?

What actions or activities are you doing in Facebook. By changing name did you do it manually or the software does it for you?

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There’s a lot of reasons why it can get disabled… some are on this list…

Impersonating Someone
Violating Facebook terms and conditions even after warnings from Facebook
Posting content that violates the rules and regulations of Facebook
Not adhering to FB’s community standards
Someone has reported your profile
Creating a fake profile can get disabled anytime
Friend-requesting so many people at once
Signing in from an unknown location
Joined a large number of groups
Illegal access to your account

these are the “something else” that AbdelGueraa is referring to…

maybe, using a dedicated 4g proxy for 3-4 FB accounts (like how many people in a house/IP address) would sign in to Facebook) and always use that proxy to sign in should help avoid a few of these problems. (just my two cents)

This is also an interesting point…

Will my Facebook account get disabled if I log in from other IP address 150 km from my place?

changing the account username will not disable your account but login in multiple times from different IP address will cause verification and issues.

Are there people here who got their Facebook accounts disabled in logging in other IP address?

Is the Facebook account that you are referring to an FB avatar or your real FB account ?

no, my accounts are not suspended/disabled, but they got locked, on some accounts it’s not possible to unlock them because i don’t have access to the emails.

real Facebook account

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No. We didn’t experience this but the same with Ossi’s case they were locked out but some them we were able to recover because we have access to email addresses and phone numbers.

Changing the ID name will not disabled your account. There must be some other reason.

Yes, already happen with me

Have you been changing the name before?

Did it get disabled right after you changed your name? Was the new name completely different from the old name?

multiple login with different IP will effect it.

no i don’t think so changing a name will have any effect on the account.