Differences in engagement for different niches

Hi. So I’m new here and all but I’ve noticed that on average engagement tends to differ roughly based on niche. For example I’ve noticed that the cat niche has a high engagement while things like fashion and beauty have comparatively low engagement. Is this because spammers are more likely to focus on those niches? Interested to hear your opinions.

Maybe it’s because cat is not gender specific. I’m not sure about the spammer though, but you could be right.

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When you say engagement, do you mean likes? Or comments? Or both?

Because I have two accounts in luxury that have low engagement (low % likes compared to followers and very few comments).
My main account in the nature/travel niche has very high engagement with a lot of likes and a lot of comments.
The comments are mostly genuine; people commenting on specific details of the photo (Love the red that stands out. Is this in Canada? I been there too, I love this and that trail its my favourite. etc.) These people all have genuine accounts that feature their own photography and travel adventures.

How would the engagement change if there are many spammers focusing on that niche?

also never forget, in the end of the day you want to have CUSTOMERS not just people that engage. What is the point of a 300.000 Followers account if the user base is just not buying anything online :slight_smile:

As an example , i use one of my most successfull shoutouts up to day - generated 2.000$ in revenue for 130$ investment - as a follow source , the follow back ratio is bad , but i know these people are BUYERS.


It all depends on your account; niche shouldn’t affect the engagement. Cat lovers will like cat photos just like average man will like car photos. If your goal is fast followers/high engagement, then go for viral content type of an account. I have viral content account with 14% engagement (likes to followers ratio).


How would the engagement change if there are many spammers focusing on that niche?

My reasoning was that if women’s fashion is a popular niche, you’ll get a lot of spammers/bots/ creating accounts and trying to rack up followers on those accounts. Lots of bots and no real users because the niches are generally thought of as easy to monetize. Women’s fashion = clothes = selling clothes.

Cats/art/travel for example tend to have higher engagement because marketers don’t go after them. Not as obvious how to monetize them.

Of course this is all just theory on my part I don’t know anything lol.

I think there are slight differences of engagement across niches but I think it mainly comes down to content and follow sources and how saturated the niche is.

Also, when people are triggered by emotions, they tend to react more often on the content they see. Such as cat lovers :slight_smile:

Well yes and no, cat lovers will like cat photos and car lovers will like car photos…but a BMW account will have more engagement because it’s more specific and has more pationate followers.

I’ve tested this and my pet accounts get “ok” engagement, my German Sheppard and Pug accounts get insane engagement.