Different accounts with same url for advertisement

I´m about to launch a new website where I´ll be selling clothes.

So the plan is to use my own account, my designer (partner) and an official Instagram account for the clothing brand (so 3 different accounts in total) as funnels.

Is it possible to have the same links through these 3 accounts for marketing, without running the risk of getting banned or getting into other problems by doing this?

If possible, I´ll also use the same links on 1 Twitter account.

How often can you actually use the links without it would be considered as spam etc?

Any tips and tricks are highly appreciated!

Kind regards.

It depends on what you are going to do with these accounts. If you are planning to do something like massive follow/unfollow I wouldn’t put the same link in 3 different IG accounts.

If you have doubts you can use something like https://linktr.ee/

It’s not a problem to use the same link also on Twitter.

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Don’t use just simple domain, use it to clickbait more clicks with promos, eg:


You get the idea.

I have 8 accounts running same domain name like this for past 3 months without single PVA but I can’t guarantee you that will have same luck as there are other variables involved that can get you a ban.

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