Difficulties scraping hashtags


It looks like Instagram is really cracking down on hashtag scraping. Using rotating proxies isn’t cutting it anymore. Is anyone else having difficulties? I keep getting redirected to login pages.

Anyone got a solution?


TLDR: Use good quality IPs

Recently they launched some features via the gatekeeper, that keeps datacenter and fake residential IPs out. Use non-fake residential or mobile IPs and you should be fine. Same applies to any kind of requests.

Instagram finally, after almost 4 years, starts to apply some logic to keep out the bad guys. This is also one of the reasons why I always spoke up against “residential”. Almost all those IP ranges are business ranges and there are no real users on those.

They turned that restriction on and off over the last few weeks, so it is still unknown if it is here to stay or not. Probably some machine learning via the gatekeeper rollout.

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I’ve been using residential rotating proxies for my requests. They work fine for ~12 hours until they’re progressively all flagged.

Any recommendations for high quality IPs?

Either real residential IPs or Mobile IPs. Not much to choose from. Or wait it out and hope for the best.