Direct linking the affiliate link allowed in AdWords?

Title. Or it is mandatory to have a website and then hide the affiliate link using the basic wp link cloaker?

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It’s allowed, afaik.

Some are saying it’s not allowed. And some are also saying adwords hates bridge pages. I’m a bit confused.

It all comes down to what you are selling and are an affiliate of. If you are doing insurance for a big company or something slightly more traditional, you might be able to get away with direct linking.

If you are doing clickbank-y type of stuff, you’ll get yourself banned with direct linking.

Same applies to landing pages for the most part.

What works with adwords is landing SITES. Making a whole, somewhat more legit site with tos, privacy policy and some content on it. You can promo your affiliate link all over it and drive adwords traffic all day long. Plus, this will almost for sure lower your cost per click.

Then what will be the correct way to do this mate? Any video for a noob like me?

I literally wrote it above your message :slight_smile:

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@MojoJojo Ah alright thanks. And is it okay to cloak the Clickbank link with pretty link maybe?