Direct Message vs Posting vs Moments

Curious on your guys opinions are on Offers (for example 50% off on website) when someone follows you.

I get alot of DM’s on things like “heres this cupon for following us.” It just seems fake, and gives the message of “we dont give a rats @$$ about you just that you buy something.”

Was curious of this method vs Posting a Picture of the Coupon or doing it as a Moment.

I am talking about doing this as a business account and getting people to come to your website or place of business.


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The first one seems automated, I guess the last one is more professional but you need to try both and see which one works better.

Let us know here :wink:

Will do. In Gary Vaynerchuks book he does not recommend a DM at all for any selling purposes. Says its a “private place” for people and wouldn’t be taken well.

I tend to agree with this.

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I tend to agree as well, but what about this:

For example if I’m trying to sell Chihuahua shirts, I send a DM to a Chihuahua owner telling him that I want to buy a Chihuahua shirt and I don’t know which one looks better ( and give him the link to my store ), he might end up buying one for himself as well.

Most people will not fall for this. Think of you being approached by a random person asking you the same. Seems forced,no?

DMs have been my gold mine… I actually might hire someone to do direct sales for me soon. I can easily make $100 in one day (dming ppl) but I recently started using other techniques making me +1k a week. My biggest tip is being genuine not look like spam even tho it is spam. You would be surprised how some people appreciate you reached out to them because not a lot of people do and when you have MP automating for you then you save time… In my opinion If you are NOT getting people blocking you rejecting you or saying rude stuff then you are not a good marketer. You are not making serious money online. Gary Vee is great but the guy started very early he grew a legit organic following. I don’t have patience like him I need to grow fast.

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Can you share the general way you go about doing this?

Do you go in directly, strike a casual conversation than drop the bomb on them or what exactly?

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I have been doing it for half year now so what I learned is Drop the bomb right away. Striking casual conversation can bring unwanted people / waste time. It takes me 2-3 copy & paste messages to close the sale. Your profile / posts / content should be the relationship / trust builder to them. If someone is truly interested in your service / product they will take action. SO make sure you target the right people.

You will learn more from experience.


Cool, thank you Mr. Trump :slight_smile:


no problem. If you are not doing CPA then message me ur niche I can offer advice.


@SwagWaffle - Leroy Jenkins making DM’s great again!


DMs actually even boosted my leads and conversionrate on my CPA accounts. I really think they’re powerful.

Do you have a certain method about going about writing one?