Direct messages limits 2018

Hey guys someone is using dm? Last time I checked people was talking about 50 images / day or 20 text, link / day.

Someone that is doing these could confirm pls




i send 75 messages per day and it’s fine.
i hope it’s useful.


Thank you! Are you sending images, links, tagging, only text…? It could be usefoul to know :slight_smile:

I can send around 60 messages (text only) out per day.

yes just text…

Hello!! I have a client that sends DM, a lot! maybe one day a week when there are events. I told her that it could be dangerous, and more if i am doing f/uf. She usually sends Image to the followers, the image contain the information of the event. She is asking me how many can she send. I don’t know if there is a difference between sendind Text to dm, image to dm, and direrctly as a photo. I have read that the daily limit with text(using spintax) could be around 25-50 a day. I want to know if sending an image, or as a photo could be sending more. She is sending directly from his cellphone , so not proxy or anything like that. This is really important to her, and she wants to know how can she send more. Maybe as an image or directly as a photo. Want to know some opinions about it.


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25-50 DMs is what I do. 25-40 each day no worries on accounts, though that’s automated with a 25-35 minute gap between each. And some accounts do up to 50, and have tried with a little more than 50 too on one account and been fine. It’s kind of hard. Another strategy is possibly automated comments about events. Though it’s a bit spammy, might be a way to do it tastefully. I experimented with it on some accounts, just using Comments module and targeted by location and keywords in the post to try to stay relevant. Comments you can do 100-200 a day, maybe more. Otherwise you could try with posting more stories, or tagging relevant people in the posts about events.