Direct Messaging Error * for user:randomnumber for message:

Accounts are running smoothly but seeing a new error on Contact module (direct messaging to new followers) that shows a red flag saying

  • for user:randomnumber for message:shows my direct message

Anyone else seeing this error/flag?


I’m getting all kind of error messages with the contact tool. I’ve submitted a ticket to support and am waiting to hear back.


Same brotha! Hopefully its a simple fix :slight_smile:

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i am also getting error 505 no internet connection on the contact tool while sending msgs.

Also when i trying to reply to anyone via DM tool it says contact support.

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Following this. Don’t even know how to troubleshoot the problem as it is not an user friendly error message at all

i pause it for 5 hours and restarted it and now it works fine.

Any news on this?

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I always do OFF and ON and it works back again :slight_smile:

Any update on this? This only happens with sending DMs. Every other action is fine, not understanding how it is proxy related.