Direct messaging through multiple accounts?

I have 2 Accounts over my HOME IP…1 RealLife…and the 2nd one for Promo. I use MP with home IP to write DM’s to pages (in my niche), people who could use my services.
I let it write 40 messages/day average…

Which proxies are recommended to open more FB Accounts to let them to write to much more people.
like having 5 accounts and writing 200 direct messages…thats what I wanna do.

What do u recommend me?

These are Mass Planner’s recommended proxies
Make sure you get private ones.

If you intend to start with Instagram marketing in the near future, then get Instagram proxies from this provider since these proxies will work for Instagram and all other social networks, but ordinary private proxies won’t work for Instagram.


Anyone can tell me what is the limit of sending private messages for day to random Facebook profiles in contact module.


I do around 30-50…thats safe…I think…not sure but I tested it

Cause massplaner have default 20 per day, I increase 1 per day until reaches 40, in round 24 per day, facebok says I can’t use thise tool, and ask me for send messages for friends…

u can send to pages also !:slight_smile: